Lonnetta Grant is the proud mother of two beautiful children. She is a sought after transformational speaker, CEO, and Founder of the Beauty After Broken movement. Beauty After Broken was birthed from Lonnetta’s personal testimony of survival and determination to rise to the top after experiencing severe trauma as a child. Beauty After Broken mission is to inspire women to breathe life into their dreams, unlock their gifts, and embrace self-love.

As a transformational coach, Lonnetta’s message inspires women around the world to take action and recapture their power after being broken. As a sought after speaker, Lonnetta message stands on the foundation of an innovative approach to motivate women through accountability, education, and advocacy.

Lonnetta finds solace through her ministry of dance. She has been sharing her passion for dance and movement with youth and women for over 15 years within the community. She has won a host of awards from organizations for outstanding choreography.

Lonnetta has been featured on a host of radio shows, interviews, and served as a speaker for a variety of organizations, schools, and churches.

Lonnie Grant


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